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Referrals are one of your most powerful sales techniques

Everybody knows that one of the most effective ways to grow any business is through referrals. Yet, when I ask many small business owners what they do to guarantee  that they recieve a steady stream of referrals, they are hard pressed to give an answer. Successful business networking is not about selling to the other B2B Members in the room (althought this can happen too), it's about these people referring your name and your business to their colleagues and clients.

To help in this process we have introduced the B2B Referral Slips. Simply print out the Referral SLip (link below) and everytime you refer a person or a business to another B2BMember, record the referral on the Referral Slip.

- How do I know if the person is a B2B Member??? click here for a list of members - B2B Members List

Then when you attend the next B2B Networking Breakfast, bring along the referral slips and the person who has made the most referralsduring the month will recieve $20


  • $100 from Nova Ford - Courtesy of Geoff McKenzie of Nova ford Caboolture
  • $100 from NAB Caboolture  - Courtesy of Sharon Williams, Branch Manager NAB Caboolture


That's a great prize and a great incentive, and also a great way to increase sales throughout the B2B Network.


Click Here to Download the CBEC B2B Referral Slip




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