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 The CBEC B2B Breakfasts have become one of the largest of it kind in Australia. Regularly hosting up 100 people every month, these breakfast networking meetings often play host to some of the most prolific and exciting speakers from around the world.

 The Caboolture Business Enterprise Centre has, since its inception in 1994, hosted many Business Breakfast meetings; in fact, it was the first business organisation to do so in the Caboolture Shire.  Back in the old days, these were held at the Caboolture Hotel and due to the newness” of them, were very well attended.  Soon, there was a glut of fragmented business breakfasts in the area, so the CBEC Board decided to run regular monthly Business Breakfasts at the Morayfield Tavern, and for a while, ran them in conjunction with the Caboolture Chamber of Commerce.



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Caboolture B2B

Bribie Island B2B 


Last Weds of the Month

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Caboolture Golf Club

Lesley Avenue Caboolture

The Salt Bar

Bribie Waterways Motel, 155 Welsby Parade, Bongaree


07:00 to 08:30

07:00 to 08:30 


Non-Members - $20

Members - $15

Non-Members - $20

Members - $15 



They were very humble beginnings, in our small training room.  In June  2001 we had our first B2B Networking Breakfast.  It was a small informal affair, where networking was the main feature and business themes were encouraged.  They were very humble beginnings, in our small training room.We could only accommodate 25 people comfortably, and we had to try and squeeze in 40.  Mike Mitchell from Queensland Hire donated a bay-marie every month so we had somewhere to keep the food hot.  The staff had to set the room up the day before with the appropriate theme decorations; the cooking and preparing was done the night before and ferried in by car at 5.00am on the morning of the breakfast.

A stove was not available, so the food had to be warmed in the microwave, transferred into the bay-marie in 3-4 shifts, but it was always good and fresh; the coffee (made in 4 small percolators, running on overdrive, was always hot. The ambience was friendly and stimulating; the room always a-buzz with chatter and laughter; serious talk and information exchange.

No-one left one of our B2B breakfasts without a smile on their face or a spring in their step, totally ready to face the day. Being a not-for-profit community organisation we had to ensure the price covered the costs and when it didn’t we had to cover the shortfall; and it remains the same today. Everything is done on a shoe-string budget!

As word spread about the “fun” B2B Breakfasts, more and more people wanted to attend.  We had to turn some away and re-book them 2-3 months in advance.  Some mornings were so full (because people just turned up on the off chance we had a spare seat), that we had to take tea and coffee orders and pass them hand over hand, while some people had to eat standing up.  Getting up for seconds was almost impossible; you had to pile up your plate/s because once you were in your seat, there you stayed.  A restroom break had to wait until the Breakfast was over…..and there were a few people squirming in the seats at 8.30am!


In the main, our B2B success rests with our M.C. and General Manager, Dennis Chiron, who always focuses his attention on the small business owner; what they need to learn; what they need to know; what’s best for them; how to survive; how to strive; how to manage; how to grow and everything in-between to ensure small business confidence and strength.  He nurtured, encouraged, helped and worried over each and every business owner and rejoiced in their successes and achievement.

In our “fun” breakfasts, we’ve had the Mayor build a balloon tower with string and sticky tape, to show her teamwork skills; Geoff Mazlin from Caboolture News, delighted us with his “mind mapping” exercises; played “celebrity heads Business style”; had question and answer envelopes to gauge how your business runs; tried to put on panty hose with fireman’s gloves, to prove that nothing is impossible; reinforce the importance of brand names and logos with jig-saw puzzles and many more interesting and fun ways of impacting on your business.

Every B2B was a learning experience in some way and everyone took a new skill, a fresh way at looking at their business, an insight, a hint or referral away with them. Some made friends; many made new contacts; and many learned some new ideas; some created business and some had business created for them.

Anyone is welcome at our B2B; business people; other not-for-profit organisations; government; the general public and as CBEC is an apolitical organisation, we welcome politicians and councillors of every persuasion.



 A vote was taken in December 2002, and we asked people if they wanted to stay in our training room or graduate to a larger venue.  It was close– 45% didn’t want to lose the special camaraderie we’d created, and 55% said it was time to move, allowing more people to enjoy and benefit from these special meetings and also over 60% voted they only wanted occasional speakers.

We’ve grown up and out!

Since January 2003 we’ve held our B2B Breakfasts at the Caboolture Golf Club.  We started on a smaller scale, where we initially had 40-50 guests and we kept the ‘fun’ themes and also included some high profile guest speakers.

The B2B Business Breakfast reputation has spread far and wide.  Each month sees a varied group of new members, from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast, along with our regulars, who are not only the mainstay of the B2B, but also proof that NETWORKING really does work becasue they are still in business and still attending our functions.


As our numbers grow, so does the attendance of larger organizations and corporations, lending institutions, real-estate agencies, accounting firms and branches of larger companies.

In the beginning, we begged and pleaded for Guest Speakers to present to our members.  Among them were some pretty famous names;

Brett Chamberlain—Marketing Guru
Chuck Zamora & Mike Gilbert - Marketing experts
Keith Banfield - "Marketing on a shoestring budget"
John McAndrew - "Who motivates the Motivator"
Dr Peter Ellis - Treacherous Business Blind Spots"
Lack Perlinski - "Building your Business"
Steve Hayes - "The Master Communbicator: 
One of our latest speakers was Simon Treselyan, who absolutely astounded us with his "Motivation & Success, Special Forces Style"

We’ve also used local business people who have done some amazing presentations…...
Isla Gillespie-”Depression in the Workplace”
John Other-Gee-”Getting the Best out of your People”
Kay MacKew-”Talk Less-Sell More"
Debbie Grainger—”Never, Never Give Up”
Dennis Chiron—”Communicate with your Customers”
Cath Fouracre-Caboolture News -”How to Write Ads”
Geoff Mazlin - Caboolture News -”How to get the Most out of Editorials”.

Every month a small business is selected to promote their goods or services with a 5 minute presentation to our members. It’s amazing the things you learn about a business you thought you knew all about, or a new service/product now available! We now have between 70-100 guests each month and have become ……...


With almost 400 members

One of our most popular breakfasts was “Proudly Parochial, Local Business on Parade”. Proud local business owners, showcasing their product or service with some amazing presentations.

All our presenters are selected on the basis that they are relevant to small business in some way and impart knowledge, ideas and advice. Guest speakers approach us now, asking if they can make a presentation to our members.

Each month we also have donations from some of our local small businesses for our “Lucky Door Prizes” The Caboolture News;  Boomers Functional Fitness; The Gift Chest and many others supply outstanding gifts and many offer special deals and discounts to all our B2B members.

To all these people we say a big THANK YOU; your generosity helps to make the B2B Networking Breakfast the success that it is.

To all our regular attendees, we say THANK YOU for supporting CBEC and the B2B and we hope that we have in some way contributed to the growth of your business; helped you to navigate through the pitfalls; and been instrumental in teaching you the art of “Small Business”!

We can only hope that Dennis’ jokes will get better in time…….

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